Ship Hull Inspection & Cleaning

The Commercial Marine Group offers industry-leading in-water ship hull inspection and cleaning services. Using the latest technology, we have special capabilities for offshore cleaning. We always operate under the strictest government biosecurity guidelines.


With the introduction of DSV Poseidon, CMG delivers the first dedicated dive support vessel off Australia’s east coast. DSV Poseidon is specifically designed to perform in-water ship hull inspections and cleans. Additionally, CMG owns the latest technology for in-water ship hull cleaning – the Smart Kart. A diver-operated device, the Smart Kart allows us to clean ship hulls faster while meeting the required guidelines.


The Commercial Marine Group offers a fast-response ship hull inspection and cleaning service. Based on the east coast of Australia, we can deploy on a national level.


As experienced in-water inspectors, we use the latest in underwater imagery to deliver detailed reports. CMG is accredited for ABS and DNV-GL UWILD inspections.


CMG works with Biofouling Solutions Pty Ltd to deliver government-approved inspections and reports. We deliver biofouling reports to both local and international authorities. For reporting purposes, our commercial divers take both video and still imagery of all hull areas, including niche areas. The imagery can then be assessed by experienced marine biologists.


Cleaning and grooming have been proven to result in significant cost reductions. The beneficial effects include reduced fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

CMG is the only company in Australia to use the latest in-water cleaning technology – the Smart Kart 6. Cleaning can take place either inshore or offshore, depending on your biofouling obligations.

Operated by experienced commercial divers, the Smart Kart allows for the cleaning of all areas of the ship hull. This includes the cleaning of niche areas with other specialised underwater tools. Depending on the ship’s requirements, a range of brushes is available. For example, soft brushes for grooming and barnacle knockers for stubborn marine growth. Contact CMG to discuss whether you qualify for in-water cleaning, either in or out of Australian waters. We can offer advice on your situation regarding the Anti-Fouling and In-Water Cleaning Guidelines of 2015.


CMG collaborates with all the relevant parties, such as:

  • Biosecurity Queensland
  • The Department of Environment and Science
  • Biofouling Solutions Pty Ltd

We ensure all our operations fall under the relevant guidelines. This helps us achieve the best possible biosecurity and environmental outcomes for us and our clients. CMG holds Quality, Workplace Health and Safety and Environmental accreditations.


DSV Poseidon Inspection Sheet
In-Water Ship Inspection and Cleaning Information

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