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Purchased by CMG in 2020, the Diving Support Vessel (DSV) Poseidon was originally a purpose-built dive vessel for the Royal Australian Navy in 1996 – named Malu Baizam. She served predominately around Thursday Island until relocating to HMAS Cairns in 2010 to assist after cyclones Neville and Olga. CMG renamed her in an unofficial Navy ceremony on 12 September 2020 at HMAS Moreton (Brisbane).

With twin MTU (Mercedes) turbo charged marine diesel engines, DSV Poseidon is a powerful vessel. CMG has replaced all communication and navigational equipment to ensure optimal performance in any conditions.

DSV Poseidon has a high-performance air compressor, large deck capacity, berthing for seven (7) and full kitchen/living area – meaning she can operate off-shore for many days.

DSV Poseidon will predominately be used to clean ship hulls. Housing the latest technology in underwater ship cleaning, the Smart Kart (with custom built hydraulic power pack), CMG can quickly and efficiently groom and fully clean ship hulls and niche areas in-water. With inbuilt CCTV footage available in the wheelhouse, crew and Clients can watch real time as inspections and cleaning operations take place, whether onboard or from a remote location.

Her offshore capabilities make DSV Poseidon a truly diverse diving vessel, with options for seabed surveys, search and recovery projects, ROV operations, scientific research and other niche subsea projects.