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Marine Construction Engineering


Complexity in marine engineering can often be solved with simplistic solution by gathering information and experience.   As with the development of any methodology the safe system, reliability and certainty of outcome is developed by obtaining the input from those carrying out the work, designing both the permanent and temporary works and the stakeholders.  CMG brings collective engineering and execution experience actively encouraging a collaborative environment to resolve the complex unique marine engineering challenges.

Feasability and Design Solutions

Harnessing together the experience and skills of investigation, inspection, engineering, and execution CMG assists clients in assessing the feasibility and designing solutions.  CMG has developed feasibility studies for removal of seabed and shoreline obstructions, wharf design and remediation, fender replacement, pile remediation, demolition and repurposing of assets and new construction in the marine environment.  Feasibility studies are provided to suite Clients needs and are typically for capital cost estimates, impact analysis and assessment.  Our expertise extends to considering advantages of modular construction to reduce labour and exposure to high-risk activities on site.


CMG’s sustainable values are core to repurposing of assets at the end of their valuable life.  CMG’s innovative thinking find value in the reuse of materials, equipment, and structures.  CG works closely with industry partners to reuse products and minimise impacts.


CMG are available to offer specialist advice on material selection.  Whether for remediation, repurpose or new construction our experience can offer Clients and engineers the opportunity to value add in the selecting materials that provide robust engineering to meet the Client’s needs and constructability to ease labour installation on site and expensive logistical operations.  Our specialist materials selection includes scour protection / remediation, formwork, epoxy, cementitious grout, wraps of all types.

Equipment selection

CMG offer specialist advice on equipment selection.  Our crews have experience in tools and equipment readily available and our innovative thinking encourages the identification of new technologies that can enhance production and reduce exposure to risk.  We have international connections to the latest technology in drilling, investigation, ROV, probing, welding, and anchoring equipment.  Our widespread industry relationships and connections will assist in the selection of permanent works fixtures and fitting providing detailed specifications and options for all types of marine equipment.

Research Dive Tank

Developing feasible solutions, selecting the right equipment and materials we then use our in-house research dive tank to bring the schemes to life and prove the installation.  The facility is available for training of divers and experimenting with alternative techniques.  We can simulate many situations, ensuring effective response.   The in-tank recording facilities enables the team and Clients to observe the works, providing training and surety of outcome for delivery on site.

Temporary Works

Material Selection

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