Boat Ramp Cleaning


The CMG’s underwater capability includes the provision of occupational divers (construction divers) in accordance with AS2299.1:2015. Combined with the latest technology in boat ramp cleaning, CMG is able to deliver total solutions to asset owners/managers in boat ramp remedial works.

Underwater Cleaning Technology

The Smart Kart offers the latest technology in underwater cleaning. Operated directly by occupational divers, the Smart Kart is powered by a hydraulic power pack and is equipped with powerful wire brushes that strip algae, slime and hard marine growth from any surface, whilst preserving the integrity of the concrete. As the Smart Kart cleans, it captures all particles through a large hose which can be pumped away from the ramp and collected for disposal.

The Smart Kart is fast and can clean an entire boat ramp quicker than a traditional high-pressure water cleaner (cleaning rate of 30m2 per minute). The Smart Kart’s Occupational Diver operation means that an entire ramp can be cleaned any time and is not tide dependant. The specialised plant includes niche area tools for cleaning underneath pontoons and cleaning piles. The Smart Kart can also be used on other structures such as reservoirs, dams and underwater flat surfaces. Originally designed for the cleaning of ships hulls, the device has been adapted for any underwater environment.

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CMG’s occupational divers are experienced in underwater civil construction activities and can:

  • Breakaway/remove concrete
  • Fill cavities (underwater hand pack grout)
  • Up to 6500PSI high pressure blasting (in areas where the Smart Kart can’t be used)
  • Removal and disposal of fouling
  • Scour protection – custom design of solutions that include manufacture and install

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