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Occupational Divers – Professional, Civic and Commercial Diving

Commercial divers in Australia are employed over many industries where they all perform their work below the water. This can be anything from construction, salvage, civil or professional diving. Their role involves these skilled specialists completing specialised tasks underwater.

The role varies depending on our task, but we all have developed and sought after technical and construction-related skills. Each person has a range of opportunities to inspect, install, salvage and cut.

High-Risk Commercial Diving Services Australian Standards

As an unpredictable activity, Australian commercial diving companies are covered by the Australian and New Zealand Standard AS2299.1:2015. This criterion encompasses all elements of diving operations and ensures the industry is appropriately regulated to ensure safe and legal processes.

The AS2299.1:2015 standard scope provides:

  • Organisational and logistical requirements for the conduct of occupational diving operations.
  • Specifications for the use of compressed gas supply apparatus.
  • Specific conditions for the use of surface-supplied breathing apparatus (SSBA) and self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (SCUBA) in underwater occupational operations at depths not exceeding 50 m (165 ft).

Qualifications for Safe Delivery of Services

Under AS2299.1:2015 criteria, our crew and their Supervisors must retain an approved qualification by the Australian Divers Accreditation Scheme (ADAS).

Suppose a qualification is gained from an organisation other than ADAS. In that case, they must contact an ADAS training organisation to undertake an RPL process before practising in a professional capacity.

As an annual requirement, they must undergo a medical by a GP with accreditation to perform Medicals under AS2299.1 2015 and maintain First Aid with CPR and Oxygen. This is non-negotiable for the safety of everyone on the team.

At CMG, we’re primarily involved in-shore civil work, so all our staff hold a Construction Card (White Card), and many also have Confined Space and MSIC tickets.

The varied and specialised work of many of our crew and supervisors means they are trade qualified or hold tickets for rigging, heavy plant and machinery operation.

Experienced & Motivated Teams for Salvage & Recovery

In addition to holding the required ADAS qualifications, our crew and their Supervisors have the expertise to ensure our projects are carried out safely, efficiently and to the highest level. The CMG crew have the knowledge and know-how to expertly perform offshore capabilities from many years of inshore civil engagement.

Our crews have lived experience of spending many days at sea to complete at sea projects – predominantly salvage and recovery. Undertaking these tasks and others like them have included using equipment such as sidescan sonar and ROV.

Together our team of experts have remediated thousands of piles using a range of remedial products and inspected hundreds of water assets and ships.

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